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Graphic Facilitation is a very flexible tool and can be used in a range of different ways. Here you will be able to see how graphic facilitation may support you in your events.

One to one focus sessions:

One to One
A one to one session is a great way to really identify what an individual is wanting to achieve and how they can do that in a way that is best for them. The sessions can be facilitated in a way that works well for the individual. One to one focus sessions can also be used for planning and supporting ongoing personal development with employees in organisations as part of Supervision and Appraisal.

Team Meetings:

Do you have a team who are struggling to work together? Or perhaps they need some help with focus and clarity around their KPI’s and objectives? Graphic Facilitation can help bring everyone’s ideas together in a creative and colourful way to get everyone on track.
One to One

Finding out from you what the main goal is, we will be able to use one of our bespoke graphic facilitation templates to brainstorm the team’s vision and ideas, which will start them on the path to the future goal.

Seeing their own ideas and contributions being recorded on to the paper will not only keep them engaged and motivate them but also show that their contributions are being heard and they are being taken seriously.

Conferences, Celebration Events and Presentations:

One to One
All of these events have a similar but unique Graphic Facilitation input to them.
Make your event more memorable by engaging your audience through Graphic Facilitation.
Some of the advantages of including Graphic Facilitation in your events are:

Other ways you can use graphic facilitation:

We have supported organisations to create a visual representation of funding bids that they are applying for. Creating a graphic to illustrate a project outline for a funding bid can be a powerful way to illustrate your idea or concept and can demonstrate to the funders how the organisation is looking to achieve their outcomes using the funding.

If you would like to incorporate Graphic Facilitation into your event, to support your team or as part of a specific project or piece of work you are undertaking, please get in touch with us and we would be happy to discuss this with you.

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