What is Co-Production?

Co-production is a word that is being used a lot within health, social care and community spaces at the moment.

It is finding its way into government policy and best practice guidance.

For care providers regulated by the Care Quality Commission, there is a requirement to demonstrate co-production alongside the people they support. But what does it mean?

Simply put, co-production means ‘together, making something’.

If we expand that to reflect the development of health, social care and community services, it means that:

Authentic co-production is done in a way which enables everyone to contribute and participate. It requires accessible methods and approaches to bringing people together, sharing ideas and experiences, listening and capturing plans for moving things forward.

Good co-production should engage everyone in the room or the process, and should be adaptable to ensure that nobody is excluded.

People of different abilities stood in a row holding up a banner that reads "Co-production"

How can Graphic Facilitation support good co-production?

Watch our video from the Affinity Trust get together tour, where The Big Picture partnered with Affinity Trust to facilitate a series of co-production sessions with the people they support, family members and staff. We used big picture graphics, group facilitation approaches and a range of resources to support everyone’s participation.

You can see some of the final digitalised graphic pieces that were created in these sessions in our gallery.

This video was created and commissioned by Affinity Trust 

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