Graphic Facilitation

Using pictures and words to map a conversation.

Graphics are an engaging, memorable and effective way of recording what is shared, discussed and decided during a meeting or event.

Graphic Recording is an approach utilised by forward-thinking organisations who are interested and invested in offering a productive and engaging work-place that demonstrates how it values the people that work within the organisation or the partners that they work alongside.

As Graphic Recorders, we create a colourful and meaningful visual display using words and images that the people can relate to. When a meeting is Graphic Recorded everyone present can see what is being recorded in real time. They can see immediately that their contributions are being heard. This visual reminder of what has been said also creates a greater focus on the conversation, which in turn leads to appropriate decisions being made.

A visual record helps people to remember what has been said. Graphics help everyone think creatively and stay interested in what is being shared. Those present start to open up the neglected right side of their brain and begin to see colourful and vibrant answers to questions they have been struggling with.

What can we do?

The Big Picture is a team of two Graphic Facilitators who are available to make your events and meetings more effective, engaging, and memorable. We come to you and map your conversation in real time.

We are available for:

  • One to one meetings and sessions
  • Small group meetings
  • Large conferences
  • Celebrations and parties

The service we offer includes preparations for the day and all the materials required for the Graphic Recording.

At the start of the event, we will set up with a large piece of paper taped on the graphic stand, and then we start listening out for contributions, themes, and connections and include these to the Graphic recording to make the image flow.

During the event, we will take photographs at regular intervals so that you have a record of how the Graphic developed on the day.

Once the event draws to a close, the completed Graphic will be photographed and carefully rolled, stored and handed over as your completed graphic.

As an additional service, we can arrange for the completed graphic to be laminated.

What our customers say

“We just wanted to say a massive thank you to you both for all your hard work prior to and at the Conference. Everyone loved the graphic!! We have had great verbal feedback from people on the day. Initial feedback was very complimentary and we are really pleased with the finished product.” 

Holly & Jo
The Yorkshire and Humber Network