Graphic Facilitation

Be Creative And Make It Visual!

Drawing doodles and visual representations are a great way to support the retention of information and improve your memorisation during conversations or meetings

Studies have shown that drawing pictures helps with memorising things. This could be conversations, something you are studying or a talk you are giving. It also helps your audience retain the information too.


Make your conference more memorable by engaging your audience through Graphic Facilitation.

Personal Planning

A range of planning approaches that are great for problem-solving. Helping people gain control and plan for their future.


The Big Picture offer fun and engaging training courses which will have the shyest of artists doodling by the end of the day.

How Can Graphic Facilitation Help You?


Graphic Facilitation is an engaging, creative, and effective way of recording what is being shared and discussed.

As Graphic Facilitators, we create a colourful and meaningful visual display using words and images that people can relate to.

When a meeting, conference or event is Graphic Recorded everyone present can see what is being drawn in real time. Those present start to become enthusiastic, motivated, and involved which then leads them to see colourful and vibrant solutions and ideas. They can see immediately that their contributions are being heard. This then builds people’s commitment to the course of direction agreed.

The Graphic Facilitation creates a greater focus on the conversation, builds ownership of the plan and ideas which leads to good decisions being made. It also helps everyone present to think creatively and stay interested and focused.

At Big Picture Graphic Facilitation, we can discuss your event with you and really develop an understanding of what you would like as an outcome for your audience and the event. We will discuss how we can support you in achieving the set outcomes in a creative and efficient way.

From our discussions we will then create a proposal for your event. Once the proposal has been agreed and the event is confirmed, we will create a beautiful graphic recording which will be yours to take away with you. Your graphic can be provided to you digitally and in hard copy.

What we do:

Graphic Facilitation is very flexible and can be used in a range of different ways. Using our skills and enthusiasm, we have guided lots of organisations and individuals to achieve their personal outcomes using Graphic Facilitation.

We can provide graphic facilitation in all types of scenarios such as:

If you are looking at having a Graphic Facilitator at your event and you are not sure how you would like it to be incorporated, please let us know and we would be happy to discuss different options with you.

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