Person Centred

Creative ways of supporting individuals to achieve their aspirations and goals.

Person Centred Planning is a range of planning approaches which support people to take the lead in planning their own support, connecting people, communities and problem-solving. Person centred planning helps people take control and plan for their future, to achieve their aspirations and goals.

What is learnt through the planning process is creatively and colourfully recorded through graphic recording. In this context a graphic recording helps people see some of the solutions and answers that they have been looking for, it builds motivation and momentum to make a real difference.

We regularly use Graphic Facilitation as part of Person Centred Planning when assisting people with developing a Support Plan.

The team at The Big Picture can process and Graphic Facilitate using the following Person Centred Planning styles

The Graphic Facilitation used during Person Centred Planning helps people to remember the finer detail of the conversations that took place during the planning meeting.

At the end of a Person Centred Planning meeting the graphic recording is passed to the focus person.  This gesture has great significance as it clearly demonstrates who the plan belongs to, and enhances that sense of ownership for the focus person.

The purpose of a Person Centred Plan is to:

The focus person should invite along anyone they would like to have involved in the planning meeting. This can include family, friends, professionals, or someone from their community.

The planning meeting can be held in the person’s home or somewhere else where they feel comfortable.

At the Big Picture we have all the materials needed to be able to make a Graphic recording in any environment, if there is enough space.

We can work with anyone to develop a Person Centred Plan. We are experienced in working with people in complex situations or with limited verbal communication; and we do so in a creative, engaging, and effective way.

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