Visual Metaphors Used in Graphic Facilitation

What is a Visual Metaphor?

A visual metaphor is a concept represented by a visual image. It is also known as a Pictorial Metaphor.

Oxford Reference: In a visual representation, juxtaposed or merged depictions of two different objects or actions designed to encourage viewers to infer an implicit conceptual link. A visual trope. Some pictorial metaphors are fairly literal visualizations of existing verbal metaphors (such as a depiction of a storm in a teacup).

Using Visual Metaphors in Graphic Facilitation:

Whilst capturing the conversations around you, you will notice that the speaker may use metaphors in their speech. Such as “There’s an elephant in the room”, you can easily capture these metaphors and turn them in to visual metaphors within your graphic.

The key is to listen very carefully to the conversation around you and make your graphic reflect what has been said.

Graphic Facilitation is also about capturing the context of the conversation taking place. It is not just the words but the meaning behind them

Examples of Visual Metaphors:

There’s an elephant in the room, what are we going to do about the Christmas party”

As an umbrella organisation, the council needs to decide where surplus funds are going to go”

“its been a rollercoaster of emotions since the pandemic hit, how are we going to move on from this”

Time is money we need to ensure that we are working to the best of our ability”

These visual metaphors are more than likely key pieces of information that needs to be shown in the graphic to ensure that the people in the room are being listened to and then an action can be created to follow on from this information.

You try?

Why not have a search of popular metaphors and see if you can make them into a visual metaphor?

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