The Big Graphic Week

Are we back to normal?

This last week has been a great graphic facilitation week for us at The Big Picture/Imagineer. Everything we did revolved around drawing and even better…drawing in person at a live event!

So, we haven’t really attended any live events in over two years since the pandemic hit. We managed to transfer quite easily everything to be done virtually and with it being virtual we had extra time to prepare for our events and then get feedback and amend the graphics we were drawing. You can’t do that as easily with a live graphic with pen and paper.

It felt as though I had forgotten how to do it. How to draw with pen and paper in a room full of people all taking in what we were doing. The butterflies were going CRAZY in our stomachs.

Wednesday 26th November

We kicked off the drawing by attending a collaboration event in Bradford. This event was to get the people of the area to have their say on how things could be better and how health professionals can get the public more involved in their processes. And we were there to graphic for the event.

It went great! I hadn’t forgotten and it ran so smoothly with everyone in the room loving the finished product.

On The Move

A quick pack up and travel home then on the train to Leicester to provide our two day graphic facilitation training. Another thing we haven’t provided in person since October 2019!

Condensing down all our wonderful kit in to a travel pack size was so difficult, wanting to be able to show the group all the kit but having to fit it in to a suitcase… I packed savvy!

In Leicester

First day of training came on Thursday morning, training 5 people from Leicester University so they could make their meetings a little more engaging whether it was a meeting with students or fellows, other colleagues or within their own team as a team building exercise.

To start the session, I asked if they could draw? The response I got was “Only stick men” or there were giggles with comments “Not very well”, and I told them like I tell every person, if you can write you can draw and if your still unsure you will be able to by the end of this course.

During the first day we went through all the basics, people, places, banners, connectors, emotion, motion, shadows and highlights as well as colours. We then started to explore templates and how these templates could come in handy for their own line of work. Ideas were thrown around the room and conversations started building and becoming increasingly creative as we went on, and only sometimes going totally off topic.

The second day started, and I asked the group again if they could draw? The response I got then was with more confidence!

We looked at creating our own templates that they would use in their field of work, the group explained the process and how they would facilitate it to their audience.

We then went on and practice live drawings, from videos, in groups of twos and threes then a final PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope which was developed by Marsha Forest, Jack Pearpoint and John O’Brien)

We finished the day with some great feedback on how the group was going to take Graphic Facilitation forward in their own work.

Then for me it was the very delayed trip home from Leicester! But I got home right before the snow hit.

The Following Week!

If this wasn’t quite enough of Graphic Facilitation, the following week (30th November) I then did another event with Act Early Collaboratory, this was virtual.

This time the session was based on a group in Tower Hamlet, London. The event mirrored the week before and the final graphic was for comparison.

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