How to get over Creative Block…

Everyone has those times where they are working on a project and your brain just comes up against a great big giant brick wall. That is it, we have creative block. We all get it from time to time. Whether you are working on a piece of writing, music, painting or in my case when I am Graphic facilitating.

I get creative block in so many ways when I Graphic Facilitate. In my personal experience I get it when I must spell something, I doubt myself so much that something is not spelled correctly, and a wave of panic blows over me. I also struggle to get an image in my mind onto the paper sometime. Thinking “how will it look” or “will people understand what that picture is?”. Even writing this blog as I type I keep getting hit with the wall.

Well, when live Graphic Facilitating it is not the place or time to get creative block and you need to sort it out fast.

I have put some tips together on how to prevent creative block before you go to a live Graphic facilitation event and some for when you have the time to take your time.


If I still get creative block even with all the preparation in the world, I have my mobile phone or an iPad handy to quickly do a search of a word. I then look at the images that are linked to that word and get some inspiration from that.

When you have the time:

When you get creative block when you are not in an environment that you must rush, here are a couple of tips that you could use to get over it.

Don’t beat yourself up over getting creative block. Everyone has their moment and we all usually get passed it.  

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