Working Alongside Yorkshire and Humber Involvement Network

We would like to introduce one of our partner organisations the Yorkshire and Humber Involvement Network and explain a little bit about what they do and how we work together.

Who is The Yorkshire and Humber Involvement Network?

The Yorkshire and Humber Involvement Network brings together service users and staff from fifteen different secure services that include NHS and private organisations providing low and medium secure care.

The Network is about sharing best practice, service improvement, and collaborative working to improve the experience and quality of support that people receive.

The network is facilitated by the Yorkshire and Humber Involvement Leads: Holly, Jo and Charlotte who are funded jointly by all of the services as well as NHS England to coordinate and lead this work.

How did The Big Picture Graphic Facilitation get involved?

Back in 2016, The Yorkshire and Humber Involvement Network organised a conference where all the services who were part of their network could come together to begin to develop an involvement strategy. This conference was also celebrating a decade of involvement.

The involvement leads found Imagineer/The Big Picture and asked us to get involved to graphic facilitate their event.

The Big Picture/Imagineer had only just started promoting that we were able to provide Graphic Facilitation services to these kinds of audiences, so the conference was our first booking!

After the Graphic was complete, it went ‘on tour’ and was displayed in each service for a period of time.

Take a look at their newsletter covering this event.

How is Graphic Facilitation used in Yorkshire and Humber Involvement Network’s involvement events?

Since our first booking working with the Yorkshire and Humber Involvement Network, we have been invited back to graphic facilitate at their quarterly network meetings.

We graphic each section of their agenda and the content that is being presented. Some presentations are from the involvement leads, others are from NHS staff and there are also presentations from the individuals who live in the services. Most of these events have been in person so the speakers have been able to take their graphic presentation home with them. More recently we have had to do the events virtually.

Since the first conference event the Yorkshire and Humber Involvement Network have made the conference an annual event where we have been invited back to graphic facilitate.

How are the Graphics used afterwards?

After the events, the involvement leads use the images and add them to their Newsletters which get sent out to all of the individuals and services in their network.

They are a visual representation of what has taken place, and people are able to easily remember the content of the event.

Why is Graphic Facilitation so helpful for involvement work with patients?

“Everyone understands things in different ways and for many, boring old minutes of meetings do not mean much (no offence!) The graphic of the meeting is a good reminder of what we covered in a different format and one that is much cheerier to look at than minutes too.  Unlike the more traditional notes of events, the graphic also tends to capture some of the more light-hearted moments which reminds us why we enjoy these events so much”. (Newton Lodge)

“The graphic gives a good round up of meetings; it is an accessible, positive, and visual way to capture what has been spoken about. We also use the graphics in Journals as part of service memory keepsakes and people very much enjoy receiving them as part of a ‘thank you.’ They are inspirational and motivational”. (Jo – Involvement Lead)

“The graphics produced are also shared in a wider context. They are part of our social media campaign to spread our pioneering work in forensic mental health; and capture so vividly and succinctly the hard work done by service users and staff to improve quality of care- enabling us to share good practice in a fun way”. (Charlotte – Involvement Lead)

What follow-on work have we produced because of this partnership?

Since our partnership with the Yorkshire and Humber Involvement Network began, we have worked together on several projects, such as:

Working in our partnership has even created further new working relationships for Imagineer/The Big Picture and other services within their network.

We have previously been asked to Graphic at The National Service User Awards Conference; A celebration day for the Cygnet Bierley service; and to create a Graphic for an NHS Funding Application. 

Contact us for a quote if you would like Graphic Facilitation to feature at your events!

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