The Yorkshire and Humber Involvement Network

Imagineer have been coming to our events for a number of years now, they first came to graphic at our annual conference in 2017 and everyone was blown away by the graphic they produced, so much so that they now come to all of our conferences as well as our quarterly Network events. Our events are attended by service users and staff, and everyone loves the graphic facilitation, it is a real highlight and talking point, and it really helps to make the meetings, events and newsletters we produce fun and accessible to everyone.

They have also supported us to produce graphics for our 5 year strategy as a strategy on a page to make it accessible, as well as supporting us to create an accessible service user version of the Occupational Therapy Standards for the Royal College of OT, and to co-produce with us the story board for our network film.

The team are always very professional as well as approachable and understanding of the diverse groups that access our events, and they have woven themselves in to the fabric of our Network – we look forward to collaborating with them for a long time to come.

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