Planning Through the Covid 19 Lockdown Using Graphic Facilitation

Its week four of the unknown lockdown due to the Covid 19 virus. At a time where the world comes to a stop, what are you doing?

At the beginning of the year I usually make my own plan of what I would like to achieve using graphics.

This year some of my goals have been:

While most of us have a little more time on our hands and the standstill of the virus has flipped the coming year on its head, have you thought about your goals?

For me, drawing my goals out and put the pictures somewhere where I will easily and regularly see them is really motivational as they serve as little daily reminders.

I have done this for many different things, and you can do it in many ways using Graphic Facilitation.

You could:

It can be quite hard to think about setting goals and keeping to them, but you can break them down into easy steps and using visuals as a motivator.

So, let’s use one of my goals of saving to buy my own house as an example. A house often cost hundreds of thousands. To break down my goal into something that I would find achievable I may break it down by saving £4,000 this year towards my deposit.

For my stop smoking goal I may break this down in a way that my first step would be to cut down from 15 cigarettes to 7 a day – then my next step would be to book an appointment with the doctor – then to use patches – then to stop.

As a motivator I like to have something visual where I can tick things off. So, for my goal of saving money I would do a visual countdown where I can cross off mini goals or milestones as I go along. You really feel the satisfaction as you cross it off.

We all know that plans and goals change and can change quickly. We have all felt the brunt of this due to the virus. So, it is good to review your goals and adapt with the changes. Why not set a plan to review your goals in a couple of months and see what you have already achieved and what needs working on?

Sometimes you can be a bit harsh on yourself and set goals which might not be as achievable as you originally thought. Through reviewing them you can then amend them to make them a little easier for you to achieve and a little less daunting.

So now its your turn. Spend a little time sitting and thinking about your new goals or ones you have already set for the year ahead and get yourself motivated!


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