Graphic Facilitating with Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a very common learning difficulty that mainly causes the person to have trouble with reading, writing, and spelling.

It is estimated that up to 1 in every 10 people in the UK has some degree of Dyslexia. (Statistic from the NHS website)

I (Mollie) have Dyslexia, and this often can cause me issues at the best of times.

I remember once having to put my name in to a form multiple times and once I completed it, I was questioning whether my name was actually spelt right. I mean… I have had the same name for 27 years surely, I should know how to spell it. But when looking at the words it just seemed jumbled and incorrect.

So, when it comes to Graphic Facilitation the thought of putting pen to paper and making a permanent mistake is something that I regularly think is going to ruin the perfect graphic that I have spent so much time creating.

I have now a couple of things that I do when I am live Graphic facilitating.


If you are lucky enough to be sent over any PowerPoints or presentations on the topic that you are graphic facilitating it is more than likely going to have the correct spelling of whatever you are going to be drawing/writing. Keep the print outs of these close to hand.


I always keep my mobile phone close to hand when I am graphic facilitating. This is so that in the case of me not knowing how to write a particular word I can quickly google it and copy it down. Keeping a phone to hand also helps me when I am stuck for an image to draw when live graphicing.


It is a good idea if you are unsure on how to spell something, to recap with the event organiser in a break time. So that they have a chance to inform you how to spell something as well as checking if there is something crucial missing from the graphic.

White Sticky Labels:

If all else fails and you make a mistake, make sure you have some white sticky labels that you can cut to size and cover up your mistake. If you draw or write over the label you can’t really tell that there was anything underneath which is a win win!

Useful resources for people who have Dyslexia:

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