Graphic facilitation course

Graphic Facilitation Course – Two Day

Fancy trying out our 2 day Graphic Facilitation Course?

On this two day Graphic Facilitation Course we will give you the tools to make every meeting meaningful!

The Graphic Facilitation Course will cover:

  • How to prepare for a graphic facilitation session so that the session runs smoothly.
  • Learn about shapes, colours and words that form the base of this visual way of working
  • Techniques on capturing emotions and metaphors
  • Developing your awareness of the meaning associated with colours
  • How to create graphic recording which is representative of the purpose of the meeting.
  • The opportunity to practice in a safe and encouraging environment, including capturing a conversation in real time
  • An introduction to a range of templates that you can use in your practice as a Graphic Facilitator
  • An introduction to the tools and equipment you will need as a Graphic Facilitator with information as to where these can be sourced
  • How to seal, store and present a final graphic recording

This Course Will Be Held In Halifax. Venue To Be Confirmed


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